Milel ve Nihal Journal

Journal for Studies of Belief, Culture and Mythology

About Journal Türkçe

  • ISSN: 1304-5482
  • e-ISSN: 2564-6478
  • Period: Biannualy
  • Start: 2003
  • Publisher: Milel and Nihal Center for Education, Thought and Culture

Milel and Nihal is a journal of religion, belief, culture, history and civilization studies that examines the principles of thought, teaching and belief belonging to different traditions and investigates the mythological narratives at the origin of cultural structures. Our journal has established a symbolic relationship with the Milel and Nihal tradition, which has shown its effect in the history of Islamic science since the 11th century. The Milel and Nihal tradition expresses a research method developed by Islamic scholars for the correct understanding of different religious traditions and the scientific acquis formed within this framework. In modern religious studies, this method is described as an objective and descriptive approach.

Milel and Nihal journal has been maintaining this methodological approach in the Islamic science tradition, which it has taken as its mission, since the day it started its publication life. In this context, it has included many researches and articles on religious studies in its pages. It has become a publishing center for articles produced in many fields on sociology of religion, psychology of religion, philosophy of religion, anthropology of religion and religious education, which is described as religious social science, especially the history of religions.

Scanned by TR Dizin and EBSCO, our journal is published biannually on 30th of June and 31st of December.
Acceptance (January 1 - April 30 for the January-June issue; July 1 - October 31 for the July-December issue)
Publication language: Turkish and English
Scope: Article, book review, symposium review
Peer-reviewing: Submitted articles are subject to double-blind peer-review evaluation by at least two reviewers.